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Classified Ads

A classified ad is an easy and inexpensive way to get your product, service, newsletter, app, or article in front of an audience of developers, designers, and makers.

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Ad Overview

  • 🏷 Price: £34.99
  • 📨 1 Newsletter ad spot
  • 📈 High-quality niche audience - Developers, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Creators, Founders
  • 🌎 Audience Location - USA (majority), UK, & other European countries
  • 👀 Here's an Example:
  • Curated Newsletter for Developers, Designers & Makers.

    dailydevlinks makes it easy for people to find interesting articles around the things they love to read.

📨 Newsletter (see example)

Classified ads are text-only ads that are displayed at the bottom of the newsletter. Each classified ad can contain one link and a maximum of 180 characters (no images or emojis).